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About Eddie Hernandez. Eddie Hernandez is a dating consultant for men & women and a professional photographer based in San Francisco, servicing clients in NYC, LA, Chicago,  · Krista’s an equestrian, gymnast, and painter. But most importantly — she’s one of the best San Francisco online dating photographers & the person that’s going to get you Online dating photography based in San Francisco with clients who travel from all over the world to work with me. Read more about dating profile pictures here. Personal The Match Artist. We are a photography company specializing in transforming online dating profiles through intriguing photography, facial expression coaching, and showing off you in Online Dating Photography For Bay Area Lovers. Your dating profile photographer will allow you to feel relaxed, comfortable, & inspired while we capture professional photos that capture ... read more

questions to ask on dates, date spots, good places to meet singles all steps needed to build social and dating fluency in the technology age , hobbies to make yourself more visible, interesting and more. Think of me as a digital Hitch. My focus is on working with those that are relationship-minded folks. If you are looking to hook-up or looking for someone to do all the work for you, please look elsewhere. A quick application questionnaire will help me evaluate photos, social media presence and profiles.

I will use the info to plan a photo shoot that highlights your hobbies, essence and style so that the photos are natural, confident, playful and candid. I shoot outdoors and indoor public places with natural light.

I will observe your comfort level and check in with backgrounds and locations to make sure you are feeling good throughout the process. My images are purposefully taken so that they come out looking organic, natural like if a friend took them. They are not overly sharp nor feature a bokeh effect similar to professional headshots. They are taken to capture warmth, presence, attire, approachability, candidness, imperfections in a flattering light.

If you are looking merely to hook up, are looking to get sharp glossy staged photos, please seek another professional. My focus is on character, not ego, prestige nor self-absorbed personalities.

These photos are meant to attract strangers. They are not for yourself nor your friends, who are often times biased. Be sure to get plenty of rest the night before and stay hydrated. We will spend the first minutes to sit down and get to know each other. I will observe posture, mannerisms, look for stray hair, uneven collars, untied shoes, make sure your glasses are clean, give you time to use the restroom to freshen up etc.

Unlike friends and family, I will be honest, direct and unbiased. My goal is not to be your friend although it does happen quite often in my line of work but rather help you get more, quality dates. For those who are remote, I offer online dating profile critique. More details about that offering here.

Clients who work with me via the dating profile critique get advance notice and are prioritized when I travel to their city visit the contact page for travel updates. I also travel occasionally to places like NYC, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego, Denver and Boston. Your photos are never online; your privacy is of utmost importance to me. I am extremely discreet with my photo taking process and have many places scouted ahead of time and will check in with you to make sure you are comfortable in the environments selected.

I even have the option to take photos at your residence or pre-selected places and with my Google Pixel 5 camera phone. Read this guide on how to maintain your privacy when online dating.

I also work with clients from a range of interests and orientations: straight women, gay men, bisexual women, furry fanatics and those who are currently exploring their sexuality.

For those of you who are looking for offline assistance when it comes to meeting other singles, I offer 1 on 1 coaching in the field as well as over the phone and video calls. This is typically recommended for folks looking to supplement their online dating efforts, are high profile individuals who prefer not to go the online dating route or those that live in remote areas where online dating options are scarce.

This course goes over things like where to sit at a bar, how to create openings for others to engage in conversation with you, what places you should explore nearby to meet singles, body language analysis, topics of conversation to cover on a first date, communication best practices and wardrobe assessment.

The photos are actually preferred by many as they are more organic. View examples of my photos taken with my phone here. I have done my fair share of online dating in the past and have been in long-term, healthy, successful relationships over the years. I have studied dating apps for over a dozen years across the major cities I have lived in NYC, SF and Los Angeles and am inspired by the movie Hitch to improve the dating field one individual at a time and help those that have a hard time revealing their true selves to others.

I come from an analytical, business background studying marketplaces, product features, marketing campaigns, customer segmentation, competitive intelligence, user behavior and analyzing profiles.

As a frequent traveler, I have significant experience couchsurfing which requires strong people reading skills and quick, analytical deduction to trust folks when staying at the homes of complete strangers often within a few days or hours of notice. Photos are definitely important, but bios, inappropriate messaging, wrong app choices can sabotage your dating profile. A significant portion of my business comes from clients who made the mistake of hiring an inexperienced photographer or a portrait photographer for this highly specialized type of photographer.

According To Hinge , follow these steps:. Click on the questions below to learn more details about my offerings and get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the details of a dating profile critique, photoshoot and offline coaching looks like.

Yes, that is an option, but photos alone usually are not enough particularly for men. While photos are important, a bad bio, poor prompts and answers, lackluster messages, bad response time, unrealistic expectations, poor strategy, swiping right too much and using the wrong dating app can drastically hurt your chances for success. Different apps require different types of photos for optimal performance.

My goal is not to take photos you will like but capture the photos that will help you meet more, quality people which can be less but higher quality. Bare minimum I recommend is 4 but 6 is an ideal number 6 is also required for dating apps like Hinge which I recommend to many clients. Just because a site like Match. You are only attractive as your worst photo and too many photos can make you look narcissistic and self-absorbed. Using more photos up to 6 can increase talking points and conversation starters if done well.

I will help you with outfits for a shoot. Check out the Pinterest boards for inspiration on clothing, patterns and colors. Wear outfits that you are confident in, would wear normally either everyday or for a special occasion. Remember, styles shoot be unique to your personality, fit you well, and show some effort. You are dressing up for your future dates, not yourself. You can learn more about that here. I do not, unfortunately.

I highly recommend coming as you are so that you are not running around frantically the day of the shoot nor altering your natural appearance. You need to be comfortable in your own skin to be successful with online dating but I will provide guidance on makeup, clothing style etc. I am the most resourceful, knowledgeable and discreet photographers around.

I carefully select areas to accommodate schedules as well as maintain privacy. Half the time you will not know I am taking photos and if you are super shy, I have methods to be unassuming you can view my events and editorial work to get a glimpse of my style.

I am not like other photographers who use flashes with big stands and umbrellas nor make people hold unnatural poses. I have extensive experience creating environments for those that are introverted, cannot smile or have social anxiety. With that said, you should approach the photoshoot as a first date, come dressed to impress, come with questions and come with a go with the flow mentality.

I will use the session as a sounding board to provide feedback on first impressions, social queues, body language, eye contact and conversation flow so that you are better prepared on your dates going forward. No, absolutely not. I focus on shooting in natural, flattering light. Photos should appear like how you appear naturally but with some guidance on posing, confidence, style etc. If you misrepresent yourself for date 1 it can significantly lower your chances of going from date 1 to date 2.

No, I do not. So I didn't start my photography career until the pandemic! And it has been such an adventure.

I am known in San Francisco as the fitness photographer, but I am also known to take amazing photos of people. My next chapter now is helping people capture their best moments. Which is why I am a Tinder Photographer. We are visual human-beings. So my passion is helping you capture that swipe stopper dating pics for people to see. You will get the best photos for dating apps, and you'll find special person.

That is what I hope for you. And hopefully that special person will lead to something even more. Ultimately, we are here to help you find love.

Philz Coffee , Polk Street, San Francisco, CA Russian Hill has many coffee shops and local retail stores. Not only that, the people are incredibly friendly and love San Francisco.

You are also 30 minutes away from walk to the Golden Gate Bridge. We understand that this is a fairly new concept, but don't worry - our team is here to help you every step of the way! We've answered a few common questions below, but if you want a full breakdown on our process, check out our FAQ page below. We've asked our clients "Where's the best place for a date in the Bay Area?

The first is located at Union St. San Francisco, CA and is literally a hole in the wall; there's no indoor space to sit. But the coffee is fantastic and it's the perfect launch-pad for a walk around Washington Square Park.

The Alembic is a staple for their unique appies, incredible cocktails try the Brown Butter old fashioned! and atmospheric lighting. It's located at Haight St. San Francisco, CA. We typically book a few weeks in advance, but due to COVID, our schedule is a little more forgiving. If you're interested, we suggest filling out an application, just to get your foot in the door.

We'll put you on our waitlist and give you first dibs when we have an available spot. Need more than just dating photos? If you book the All-Star package, you'll also get a 1-on-1 coaching session with our resident dating coach, Kimberly Hill.

This session will be held over Zoom at a time that's most convenient for you. Pricing About FAQ. Update : We're open with limited availability. I'm honestly stunned. Photography for all your online dating profiles.

And while we think everyone could benefit from having great photos of themselves, there's a few areas where photos can really make a difference: Recently single or divorced: We get it. The last 5 years of your life were spent with your ex, so every photo has them in it. You're getting back into shape, trying new things, but your photos are old and tired.

We can help you. Brand new to online dating: This feels like a whole new world. Where do you even begin? We can show you the ropes and make sure your profile is set up for success. You're super career focused: You have your shit together and are building a life that you're proud of. You're not spending your days snapping instagram photos with friends. You don't have time, desire or patience to take the perfect selfie.

Get the best dating photos in San Francisco. No heavy filters or touch-ups. No external lights, flashes, studios or soft boxes. You're not going to stand in front of some fancy car and flex. In almost every test we've ever performed, the smiling photos typically perform 2x better. That's why we aim to have a LOT of fun on our shoots and make sure you're laughing and smiling naturally. Nothing is more attractive than these two elements combined.

We'll coach you through the proper body language to help you communicate this naturally. We do the majority of our photoshoots downtown in San Francisco. Endless alleyways with graffiti awaits you. We have the waterfront, or Sydney G.

Walton Square. We'll pop over to the financial district. Build a kick-ass personal brand in San Francisco and beyond. Having a cohesive personal brand not only helps you stand out locally in San Francisco , but it also helps you build better connections online, too. How to book a dating photographer in San Francisco. We've made the process of booking a photographer in the San Francisco area super simple with our online booking system. Get photographed Don't worry if this is your first shoot; we're experts at working with beginners.

Since launching in we've worked with a number of incredible clients in the San Francisco area. They measure client results on dating apps and use that data improve their strategy.

Onboarding was a breeze guides, tutorials, etc. The shoot was more fun than I expected. My tinder photographer coached me on poses and facial expressions. The photos turned out great. Got a really good bio, too.

And I started getting more matches the very first day. I've started recommending this to all of my single friends. Dating Profile Packages in. Quick Turnaround. Online Scheduling. Use Anywhere. Privacy Guaranteed. Dating Photography Packages in San Francisco. We offer flexible dating profile packages for the San Francisco, CA area. Whether you want to optimize a little or a lot , our goal is to give you some of the best dating profile pics in The Bay Area.

Something went wrong while submitting the form. Custom Tinder Bio 🔥. Exclusive Dating Tips 🔥. All Raw Files 🔥. Hi, I'm. Hi I'm Vinson! View Portfolio. FAQ's about San Francisco Dating Photography. Online dating photographers in. Navigation Home. Contact Us hello photosfortinder.

We are a photography company specializing in transforming online dating profiles through intriguing photography, facial expression coaching, and showing off you in your element. Based in Austin, TX, and we shoot all over the U. Our photographers have studied the success of body language and facial expressions. Your new photos will catch more eyes and highlight your personality through naturally looking photos of your hobbies and interests.

We tailor your photo experience with us to highlight things you enjoy doing most. One of the most common questions we get is, "Is dating photography a thing?

If you are unable to find the match that you want or are being looked over by women or men even on an app like Tinder, then it's important to take a close hard look at those dating photos. In fact, with many dating platforms being picture first, like Tinder, the prospect's first impression of your profile picture needs to be the best it can.

It would help if you made a good enough impression for the prospect to tap on your picture profile and browse through some of those other pictures you uploaded before reading the bio.

The vast majority of people on Tinder, Bumble, or Hinge, for example, will never read the bio without first being lured in by a photo that, for them, has potential. It is often subtle cues that signal to a prospect they should take a closer look at you. Dating photography specializes in making sure that not only are you seen in the best light, but that those subtle cues are more prominent.

That's why dating photography is an instrumental part of building a dating profile that helps you attract the right people. However, a lot more goes into dating photography, which includes research into what attracts the people you want to date. Everyone is different and is attracted to an entirely different set of physical or facial attributes. It goes without saying that specific facial and physical attributes are more attractive for some people than others. Dating photographs need to be honest and show off those so-called "best attributes" without appearing overdone.

Yes, we know it's confusing, but there is often a thin line between having an attractive dating photograph or one that comes across as being extensively edited. Today, people are much more capable of spotting a doctored image, which will almost always take points off your credibility score.

If anything, you never want to come across as being dodgy in your dating profile. Many also have photos taken by someone they are close to and—worst of all—use a multitude of filters, all of which work to their disadvantage. As dating photographers, we know that you have about 3 seconds to make an initial, great impression. Those initial 3 seconds can make or break your profile. That's why we work so hard to make sure our clients send out the right subliminal cues. Our dating photographers help you gain those extra seconds long enough for the prospect to read your bio.

Speaking of which, we tend to think your pictures a lot more critical than your bio, but a well-written bio will mean that a lot of those prospects attracted by your dating profile picture are motivated to contact you. The first step to ensuring that we get your dating profile right is to consult with us. Dating photography requires us to create a profile of who you're trying to attract and then take photos just for them. It isn't uncommon for us to take several dozen photos before we short through to figure out which ones will have the most impact.

Based in Austin, Texas. Based on what you've read so far, you would assume that everyone needs online dating photography to find the right match. In reality, that's not the case. While everyone can benefit from professional online dating photography, just like everyone can use a new car, some people benefit from it more than others.

For instance, a young woman in her early to mids can get away with selfies. Even average-looking young women may not have to invest in professional online dating photography.

Often, young women looking for more mature men don't need anything other than a few selfies because, for many older men, that's enough. According to some experts, an increasingly fewer number of men read women's dating profiles; they swipe and message if it's a young woman in decent physical condition. That's why many women in their 20s are overwhelmed with messages and dating offers, so much so that they have to block people online.

On the flip side, younger men don't receive as much attention. Young men in their late to early 20s are seen as being immature.

The selfies don't help their case either, because most women just swipe past them since it's similar to every other frat boy or young man to them. Even posting pictures of your six-pack will only get you so far. Don't get us wrong, most women aren't looking for a guy with a potbelly, puffed up face, or someone who likes dressing up as a cosplay character, but maturity matters.

As professional photographers, we know what attributes attract women. Whether it's an older man or a young man, highlighting those attributes will help attract women of the right age and type. So, here are a couple of examples of men and women who can benefit significantly from a professionally created online dating profile:. Young Men Looking for Women Their Age — If you don't want to be overlooked by women your age, you have to signal your maturity.

Men in their 20s can appear more mature with the right pose, facial expressions, and clothes. Fortunately, here too, we've helped scores of our clients find more dates by simply changing the way they look in their dating profiles—in some cases, very subtly.

Below Average Looking Men — Honestly, we firmly believe that there is no such thing as an average-looking man. Every man is different and can attract a woman by exuberating the right subtle cues in their dating profile photographs.

The key is for us to use our experience to best present you to your target audience in a way that gets them hooked. It can often take several pictures after a consultation to shortlist those few photographs that we think will make you stand out.

Older Women Looking For Men — Career women in their early to late 30s, 40s, and 50s are often overlooked by men their age. It's not always because they could look younger, but that these women don't show off those subtle cues that attract the men they want.

Our approach to online dating photography for women is to understand the type of men they want to date, create a profile, and then start the actual photography. Each photograph is geared to that profile. The right approach, which means successfully presenting those subtle cues in an online dating profile bio, has, in our experience, delivered excellent results for clients.

Anyone Who Has Not Seen Results — By this, we mean anyone who has had an online dating profile for a while across multiple platforms but has not seen much in the way of results. This could also include older men and women returning to the dating game after a significantly long hiatus. Also, women who haven't been able to attract the type of man they want can benefit significantly from professional online dating photography.

Each day we meet with men and women who feel anxious about getting back into the dating game. Men and women who have been in a single relationship for a long time are often the hardest hit. While we advocate that you kick off your online dating journey with professional dating profile pictures, the other question we often get asked is, "What types of pictures work best?

Whether it's Tinder, Bumble, or Facebook, that headshot gives a prospect their first impression of you. In the world of dating profile picture photography, pulling off a truly fantastic headshot needs more than just a beautiful simile. It needs to be interesting and intriguing enough to get a prospect to tap or swipe on it.

So you don't want a headshot that resembles more of a close-up. The picture is usually framed from the chest up. Also, this isn't a passport photo, so try to smile. If anything, it goes a long way to make the person considering your profile feel more comfortable. The blurred background is fine since the emphasis is on you. But the most critical element, second to perhaps your smile, is the lighting.

We try to avoid using overhead lights, which make the features appear too harsh. Our team uses eye-level lights which accentuate your facial features. Also, the goal is to produce a portrait that does not look flat. That's why it generally takes a pretty long time to frame and take what we consider to be a winning headshot for a dating profile.

Candid photos are an excellent way to show off your personality. When done right, or professionally we must add , it will impress people who are looking to find someone who likes having fun. Candid shots, by their very definition, need to be taken when the subject isn't aware they are being photographed. The majority of candid shots are faked, and the subject tries acting natural, which is perfectly fine if it is pulled off with perfection.

Our dating profile pictures photography service achieves candid shots with careful planning and positioning. We also find the right angle for the shot to get that impromptu look. In our experience, it helps immensely if the shot is of you engaged in some activity like maybe fetching drinks from the counter, playing the guitar, etc. However, the key is to get our clients to relax and rehearse the shot before it is taken. We don't mean pictures of your stamp collection, but instead, you engaged in pasting stamps, maybe.

While platforms like Tinder have proven to be instrumental in connecting people, the opportunity to learn about the other party is almost non-existent without contacting them.

However, you can communicate your hobbies and passion via a series of photographs. If you like reading, playing the guitar, or doing Pilates, a few photos in your natural habitat helps communicate to the prospect what you enjoy doing. As professional photographers, we know that every picture tells a story. That's why our goal is to try and convey as much information as possible.

Also, these photos help you steer clear from the otherwise monotonous, repetitive rut other profiles seem to find themselves in. So this is an opportunity for you to connect with a prospect, which ideally is a like-minded person who shares your passion.

We usually recommend a full body shot to avoid any misunderstandings. A full body shot shows off how you look. However, as dating photographers, these are among the hardest to get right because you need to find the right pose, optimal angle, and the best lighting, not to mention get the look right.

Ideally, you'll want to take the shot outdoors, an hour or so before sunset. Again, the primary light source is set at eye level, making it the best time for this natural light shot. Though if the same shot were to be taken indoors, we'd use artificial lighting that's at eye-level with a wide aperture lens.

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AdJoin Millions of Americans Finding Love Online With Our 5 Best Professional Dating! See Why Singles Love These Dating Sites. Find Something Serious Or Casual. Start Today! Online Dating Photography For Bay Area Lovers. Your dating profile photographer will allow you to feel relaxed, comfortable, & inspired while we capture professional photos that capture  · Krista’s an equestrian, gymnast, and painter. But most importantly — she’s one of the best San Francisco online dating photographers & the person that’s going to get you AdGreat Pro Date Photographers. On Demand. Anywhere In San Francisco Starting At $ Great Pro Date Photographers. On Demand. Anywhere In San Francisco About Eddie Hernandez. Eddie Hernandez is a dating consultant for men & women and a professional photographer based in San Francisco, servicing clients in NYC, LA, Chicago, The Match Artist. We are a photography company specializing in transforming online dating profiles through intriguing photography, facial expression coaching, and showing off you in ... read more

His natural lighting techniques made my skin shine. To boot, Mike knows the ins and outs of how to work with light and color to really bring out the best shots you can take. Photos should appear like how you appear naturally but with some guidance on posing, confidence, style etc. Eddie is very knowledgeable about the locations and engaged in light conversation the entire to get candid captures. Choose a date above to see available time slots. Anyone Who Has Not Seen Results — By this, we mean anyone who has had an online dating profile for a while across multiple platforms but has not seen much in the way of results. Responds in about 20 minutes 11 locals recently requested a quote.

Responds in about 3 hours online dating photographer san francisco locals recently requested a quote. San Diego, CA. It needs to be interesting and intriguing enough to get a prospect to tap or swipe on it. My method is to start with a relaxed, fun, and professional environment where the resulting photos from our shoot will create fantastic images for your online dating profile. The photos are less about what you want and more about what others want and are interested in seeing. The key to a selfie photograph is to embrace the fact that you're taking a selfie and not try to hide it. Rated One Of The Top Photographers By Expertise, online dating photographer san francisco.